:: mistake ::

who are you?
i don't really know you.
made a mistake.
and my whole life is at the stake.
run. run. run.
to a place with no one.
hate. love. hate.
these two had their own fate.
which one will i choose?
so that i will not lose.

p/s: i've made a mistake. and sincerely, i regretted my decision. it's not a wise one. and i have to live with it from that day onwards. can i have my past life back? never. i think. *peace* (i never had peace inside though) 


:: seems like ::

it seems like it is going to rain,
but it is not.
it seems like it is the perfect reason,
absolutely not.
he seems like he will share the pain,
sadly, he will not.
and it seems like her heart was being in prison,
oh, i wish it is not.
everything is not like i thought,
whether i like it or not.

p/s: sometimes when we looked at other people, we will always judge them based on our first look. but hey, maybe we are wrong and maybe we are right! all we can do is making assumptions. and hoping that they are true. well, this poem i dedicated to one of my friend. hope she'll get the real meaning of this poem. *peace*


:: His ::

he is hers,
and i am his.
no, he is mine.
and i am his.
but, he ain't mine
nor he is hers.
well, the truth is,
he is His, 
she is His,
and i am His.


p/s:well, this is the fact. we always said that we belong to our lovers. but in the reality, we forget that we are always belong to the only One. Him! always. *peace*

steps to gain back my ideal weight.

i am proud with myself right now. the reason? because i have exercised. haha. lame. exercise sikit pon nak bangga. well, actually i really really need to shrug off my fat. i used to love in exercising but as my age grew older, i became more lazy to do it. and i also been a fan of eating lately! lately? make it 3 years now! urghh! and so, i decided to start my very own diet plan. really hoping this plan will work out well *fingers-crossed*. :D 

the first step is maybe i have to cut down my fast-food intake. i really a big fan of this stuff. McD, KFC, Dominos, you name it. i am their regular customer. *sigh* so, i need to say NO to this kind of food. and i hope my friends will support me. guys, please don't ajak me to any fast-food restaurant anymore OK.and please la remind me about this thing. i really cannot believe in myself. haha.

second step, exercise? urmm..huh? bile ek i can make it? arghh!! i have to stop being lazy!! i need to jog more. also doing the sit-ups. 2 years ago i can made 50 sit-ups with no sweat. eh, make it 3 years.haha. but now, nak buat 20 sit-ups pon tercungap. OMG! is that my body reaction of being older? dahsyat sungguh. :( in my plan, i hope i can make at least 50 sit-ups daily and jog two times a week. boleh ke ni? hope so! kalo xleh jog pon, i will do the cardio inside the house. byk kot mende yg boleh buat. :p (vacuum carpet, mop lantai, lap tingkap, etc) or i just dance to k-pop music! T-ara, Beast, 4Minutes and others, please produce dance music yg best2 ok! hehe

third step, senang je. the easiest step of all. drink a really plenty of water. maybe at least 2 litres a day. can ke? can kot. haha.then, it will be more easy to burn out all my fat. *ok.not all la.but most of it.* and also it helps my digestion too. and also can make my skin lg cantik kot. moisturize kan? there are a lot of benefits by only drinking a plenty of water. tp malas je nk minum before ni. after this, no more malas2 minum air, ok? yezzaa!! 

lastly, i think in order to reduce my weight, i have to sleep early. this one i don't really think i can make it. first of all, i think i have insomnia which is penyakit susah gile nak tido. i dont know why. maybe dh terbiase tido lambat kot. and my favourite shows in TV started late at night. so, how i nak tido early? haha. after this, i have to watch Tonton.Tv jelah. :p tu pon if i rajin nk bukak Tonton. huhu. 

so, that's it. that's my easy plan to regain back my previous body. which is i dont think i was fat back then. i mean, i was not skinny and i also was not   overweight. *55kg is kira okay for 161cm girl, right?* i know i will never be skinny because i dont think that is my body type. so i will be grateful if i can manage to have back my previous weight. really hope so. and i really need support for that. and my exercises will start.......NOW! err..i mean..tomorrow..;p *peace*

p/s: i wanted to upload my current pic of myself but my internet is super slow right now. so, maybe next time kot.:)


Dream High!

this korean drama is the latest drama i watched. and the first thing that i can say about this drama is...wait for it...SUPERB!! i love every scene in this drama. why? maybe because this drama shows how people will do in order to achieve their dreams. well, not every one of them succeeded in achieving their dreams. but at least they try their best right? maybe a lot of other people think that this drama is childish because it was all about the teenagers' dreams to be a next k-pop star. but i still love this drama even though i don't really know all the actors and actresses. in the end, i managed to know several of them. 2 of them are from 2PM and Suzy is in Miss A, i guess. correct me if i'm wrong. my favourite role in this drama, of course, Song Sam Dong. *till now, i don't really know his real name.. ;p* i love him because he is a "one-woman" guy. even though this drama is not really a love story but i love his loyalty towards his first crush and he also didn't want to be apart from her. sooo sweeeetttt...haha..so, if u guys didn't watch this drama yet, i guess u guys should watch it on KBS World, Astro Channel 391, every monday and tuesday at 9pm. or just watch it online on YouTube! here's the link for u guys! :) Dream High! hope u guys will enjoy it as much as i do!! till then, *peace*


k-pop has popped real hard!

it has been almost 3 years since i've been introduced to the first idol group from South Korea. and i've been hooked to their entertainment since then. all thanks to my junior back in uni. she was the one who showed me the MVs of that group ---> the mighty Super Junior a.k.a SuJu! well, i didn't being a really fanatic fan of them. but at least i know all of their names and also their hit songs of course. hey, there are 11 of them so it was a really high achievement for me to remember their names right? :) now, as i follow k-pop industry, i managed to notice how different their entertainment industry from ours. i had read an article in a local newspaper before saying that korean entertainment industry has been developed around 20 years ago. and right now i think they can be proud of their continuous effort as their industry no longer popular within their own country but also through out the world. i wonder our entertainment industry can also be like that. i mean, i love watching korean variety show especially Family Outing *F.O*. for me, that show was really genuine and really fun to watch. and i think their sense of humor are not fake. *not apply to all their comedians of course* and once again i wonder our entertainment industry can come up with that kind of show. *xcukup budget kot* ;p well, that's it. enough of my opinions about entertainment. till then, *peace* :)

:: i've been listening to 2AM-Can't Let You Go Even If I Die as i writing. superb song! ::



some opinions are best kept within yourself. i mean if the opinions will hurt others, then why you should be such a bitch and mentioned it in whatever *thing* so that the whole world will know about it? it was a really selfish act for me. for her, this is a free country so it is her right to speak her mind. well, i can accept if this girl's opinion is 100% true. but she didn't get the fact right. that is why other people are angry and upset. but then when the people who are angry and upset ask why she wrote about that, she thought all of the people are just jealous with her. wtf?? before she ever wrote that stupid opinion of hers, i barely heard her name was mentioned within my circle of friends. but soon after she placed that particular bomb, suddenly boom! she suddenly became the topic of the conversation. if she just made one single person hurt, it's okay. *even if that's not really okay* but now, she just made one whole troop upset with her statement. maybe she just need the attention. aww, poor girl. i really don't get the reason she gave that statements. maybe because she didn't have any friends from her high school. or maybe she just need the attention like i mentioned before. haha. well, i hope she try to apologize to the people she hurt. or else, the war might become hotter and hotter! haha. that's all i need to say right now. *peace*